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Trusted performance for all screed, underlayment and tiling applications. Roff delivers a proven single source solution for commercial flooring and walling applications; underlayments and screed additives


Roff  offers DPMs, tile adhesives and grouts, rapid set pumpable screed underlayments and screed additives

Roff delivers performance, strength and durability across the Floor and Wall Zones, allowing the specification and application of innovative, solution-lead systems for specifiers, contractors and applicators.


The Middle East building industry demands the highest performance from its construction chemicals. The construction of iconic and technically advanced buildings places great demands on wall and floor finishes; with an emphasis on long term in-situ performance, heightened aesthetics and durability. Roff flooring and walling systems are made to perform under the harshest of environments and in the most challenging of applications.


Ceiling & Floor Tiles:
From fixing tile on tile to different shades of grouts for filling tile joints, from lightweight tile adhesives for high strength bonding to tile after-care, Roff has a complete range of products for all wall and floor tiling applications meeting todays international standards;

  • Cementitious tile adhesives and grouts; C1 & C2
  • Flexible tile adhesives; S1 & S2
  • Non-staining tile adhesives
  • Epoxy tile adhesives and grouts
  • Standard and anti-bacterial tile grouts
  • Fast track repair and refurbishment grouts and adhesives
  • Marble and stone protective sealers
  • After care products

Floor screeding & underlayments

Roff  polymer flooring systems are designed to perform in the most demanding of environments to ensure a quantifiable flooring outcome, from speed of application and cure, through to flatness of floor finish.

The Roff floor screed and underlayment range in combination with cutting edge sound-reducing technology brings industry leading solutions to all floor zone applications;

High performance fast track screed additives

  • Cement replacement additives
  • Rapid cure pumpable cementitious underlayments
  • Concrete refurbishment
  • Sound insulating mats and underlays

Finishing plasters
Colour and texture are the key components in the final finish of any decorative plastered wall. Colours and textures allow today’s designers and architects to produce the widest variety of both internal and external wall finishes. The Roff range of decorative surface plasters combines ease of application with proven performance and decorative textures and colours;

  • Rush coats
  • Commercial surface plaster
  • Decorative surface plaster
  • Light-weight block plaster

Wet area tiling
Water retaining structures such as swimming pools and water tanks, and wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms can be a major source of leakage in civil construction projects if not made watertight during construction. Roff offers specialised under- tile waterproofing systems for all wet area construction.

  • Integral damp proof membranes
  • Waterproofing coatings
  • Waterproof tile adhesives and grouts
  • Potable water coatings

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