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Delivers cutting edge floor system solutions and seamless flooring performance across industry. The use of ROK flooring systems will ensure performance and quality in the most challenging of environments and in the most demanding of industrial and commercial flooring applications.


ROK delivers proven performance, strength and durability across all floor zone applications, allowing the specification and application of innovative, solution lead systems for architects, engineers, contractors and applicators.


Protecting concrete floors is a technically sophisticated process involving the review and selection of any one of a number of flooring materials. The main purpose of any applied flooring system is to protect the substrate from deterioration through wear or chemical attack, or to provide some added quantifiable benefit such as aesthetics, skid resistance, chemical resistance, ease of maintenance, UV stability, waterproofing or crack bridging.


Industrial Flooring:

Flooring performance is enhanced by the choice of proven systems, selected to meet exacting client criteria and combined to offer single source floor zone solutions. ROK flooring performance is guaranteed through the choice of proven systems and materials selected to meet demanding requirements supported by single source manufacture and supply;

  • High performance epoxy coatings, toppings and screeds
  • High performance polyurethane screeds and toppings
  • UV stable, flexible polyurethane coatings
  • Industrial rapid cure cementitious underlayments and finishes
  • Concrete repair and substrate reinstatement systems
  • Joint sealants

Car park protection

Car Parks in the Middle East are unique structures. Clear floor spans with minimum support, often open sided, subject to dynamic and cyclical loading stresses, constantly under attack from UV, water, salts, chemicals and fumes creates a problematic environment and require an engineered protective solution. Surfaces of traffic decks are subject to continuous movement of vehicles which can lead to a breakdown in the car deck permitting the ingress of water and chemicals. Car parks need protection to optimise durability, performance and aesthetic appearance. The ROK range offers;

  • Epoxy traffic coatings
  • Polyurethane traffic coatings
  • UV stable seal coats
  • Line marking coatings
  • Concrete & substrate repair & refurbishment products
  • Anti-carbonation coatings
  • Joint sealants

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